Welcome to Helsinki Daygame. This is not an instructional blog, but a record of my practice. Daygame means going up to strangers during the daytime, with the intention of having sex with them.

I go out in the street, create my magic, and post my stats here. I believe in the unambiguous, incorruptible nature of numbers. It leaves both you and me no choice but to practice with volume and regularity. On top of that, I write about anything else that is relevant.

A word about the level of my game. I’ve never done systematic daygame before. I have had moderate success in night-time venues and occasionally end up in bed with girls I meet through friends or shared activities. With a very modest level of technique and a life-long love and curiosity towards women, I have made a little over 60 conquests before starting this journey. I’ve become less active in making new conquests, but my relationships are more positive than before. I’m 32 years old.