Daygame will start in April at latest. Me and some friends have a competition planned. Let’s see if they are still up for it when the time comes… hi boys! 😉

I may start to warm up in March.

One of my 2018 catches recently got into a monogamous relationship. The other I saw a few times and now I’m seeing her again. My results were of course very modest last year, but dividends are still coming in :O I’m thankful to the universe and will strive treat the opportunity to continue in 2019 with utmost respect.


5 thoughts on “2019

  1. Hey man, I’m currently in Helsinki for 2 days. If you’re still active, I’d love to have a wing for some daygame (and possibly nightgame). Contact me if you’re interested!


    • Hey Stefan. Sorry, I missed this, I don’t get notifications for some reason… I hope you had a good time 🙂


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