Many times when I write that I’m tired of daygame, I get a small spike of motivation. This shit is therapeutic it seems.

In regular practice I think one should not rely on motivation. At the same time, the more you have, the better. Daygame (or any form of meeting women) is tricky, because one’s mood is such a huge factor.

After writing my last post, where I didn’t feel so good about the practice, my mood picked up. I went out every day that I could. I collected a pile of numbers. In a few cases the women initiated exchanging numbers before me.

Of the women I’ve been texting, two or three have suggested that we meet next week. As any man knows, who has practiced any kind of heterosexual behavior, women can change their minds. In addition. I’ve been on one date this week. I did everything quite well, except I forgot to touch her in any sexual manner. Oh well. Probably won’t forget that again.

Small things are starting to happen after going out almost every day for two weeks.