Grinding 2

Slowly I’m chipping away at this.

My interactions are somehow better than before. I get into actual person to person conversations more often.

At the same time, sexual tension is harder to create than before. Often I feel like I’m asking for a favor. Not in what I say, but in the vibe. I think my approach to lay ratio is starting to get to me. I read and listened to some stuff by other guys… my ratio is not uniquely bad for a beginner.

Perhaps as another symptom of the same thing, approaching has become difficult. I skip a lot of opportunities. The reason seems to be a lack of entitlement, aka not feeling like I deserve to have that girl.

I feel disgusted at writing that. But it’s true.

In an attempt to break through this plateau, I tried increasing my approaching volume: I went for all girls who were physically good enough to have sex with once. It was not productive, the approaches became forced and weird. A bit like when I was starting 😀


Last week I was texting four hot girls at the same time. Somehow nothing came fromany of it. Two couldn’t make the time, one had a boyfriend, one wants us to meet in a group of her friends, in a bar, late at night (fuck that). The two with scheduling issues have expressed an interest in meeting next week, but you never know. Its many long days till then.

Today I got the number from some kind of gymnast woman. She wasn’t super pretty but she seemed to be in extremely good shape. The interaction was quite positive.

I don’t feel good about this shit at the moment. I do everything right, but this feeling of it not working out is shining through, making me sloppy when interacting with the girls. They sense that something is wrong.


It’s gonna be good. It just takes a lot of practice. A lot of practice takes a long time.


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