Old demons rear their heads

When is the last time you saw a woman, decided you want her, and sprinted after her to catch her? Is that in your reality, or completely outside of it?

Just some food for thought 😉

This week has been ok. I approached some very attractive women and collected five leads… I have now texted two of them. We’ll see what happens. I’ll text the rest Monday or Tuesday.

I’ve been going out with a friend several times now. This has created a bizarre new problem… when I’m out with him, I can approach easily and my interactions can be appropriately energetic.

Now when I go out alone, it’s very hard to start approaching. When I do, it sometimes happens that there is very little energy or emotion in the interaction. Yesterday I think I walked around for forty minutes before doing anything… I didn’t approach before I saw an easy target. Even after that I skipped a ton of opportunities.

My brain has seen that it’s easier to do it when out with a friend, so now it wants that all the time and doesn’t want the hard sessions.

It’s a weird feeling. I conquered the issue of approaching a long time ago. It seemed like the excuses I made for not going up to a girl could never affect me again… but now it’s back. The rationalizations are so heavy, it’s like trying to push down a brick wall. This demonstrates again that you can’t just logically understand this and expect to be good at it 😊


I heard an analogy for daygame recently. Daygame is like the labor of Sisyphos. He had to push a boulder up the side of a mountain. Every time he was about to reach the top, the boulder would roll down to base of the mountain, and he had to start again. According to this analogy, daygame will never become an effortless thing. I embrace this. I love it. I will remember that when it seems like too much work.

The difference is of course that Sisyphos keeps pushing and pushing and never gets it done… but in daygame you keep pushing and pushing and the results will start to trickle in.


Well. It’s Sunday and I don’t have anything planned. After yesterday’s anxious wandering, going out and approaching seems like an enormous ordeal. I made a two-point plan.

When I see her,
1. if I come up with something good to say, I will go up and have that prepared.
2. if I can’t come up with anything, I will go up with an empty mind. My brain will come up with something! Girls are great.

Other than that, stuff I’m working on:
-Remembering to wait for her to start engaging, before doing something like asking for her number.
-Touching. Prolonged handshake, touching shoulders and elbows.
-Listening. Allowing it to become an actual conversation.


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