Back into it.

Hey boys and girls and everything else.

My summer vacation is over. Three weeks, on the road almost all the time. Did a lot of snus, a little bit of daygame, spent some time with my girl. Yes, I am seeing someone regularly. Been for over 2 years. For those of you uninitiated in the arts of open relationships… it’s a very loving and affectionate relationship, AND she knows EXACTLY what’s going on. Gotta love women 😉

This week I’m getting back to regular daygame. Today I went out and approached. I gotta admit, it’s scary as hell after two weeks of not doing anything 😀

I’ve had some time now to meditate on all this crap. I did almost 200 approaches before my vacation. Some of those of course had no potential to begin with (not everyone can like everyone). So those that had potential, why haven’t they gone anywhere, all except one? The reason seems to be it’s all too mechanical. Even when I’m on fire, the arc of the interaction (from open to instadate/texting, to finally fizzling out, in other words no more contact) has a step-by-step, impersonal feel to it. There is no exciting storyline. Is it going to go somewhere? It’s not going anywhere! Oh but maybe it is! Now this happened, he handled it so well! Oh my god! Ahh, now I’m on his couch, taking off my clothes!!

Also, I think the girls have been sensing that I’m not interested in THEM but just in getting SOME girl. The validity of this way of feeling is a whole other discussion. This blog is not the place to get into that. What’s important is solving the problem.

There’s not much room for exciting storyline in daygame. The solutions are difficult for me to see at the moment, but I have decided what I’m going to try next. I will be more free-flowing and share more opinions in my initial conversation, both positive and negative, and preferably about the girl herself or things that we both like talking about. Less of trying to repeat patterns that I’ve settled into.


Tomorrow is a new day.

I don’t want to look at the stats right now, I need to focus on action. So I’ll update those later.

I have visitors to this blog almost every day now. Maybe one day soon I can tell you about real adventures 😊

Greetings from Warsaw

Warsaw was close and cheap, so I came here for a week. I have done a lot of daygame.

Results… there are none. Instant dates and texting yes, but no passing on of DNA to future generations.

I like to think that at least I’m learning. I’m constantly tweaking, trying things. The future will tell. I knew this was going to be a lot of work.

So nothing to report right now, but I wanted to write and say I’m still at work, especially since I’ve had a bit of traffic on here lately.