Up… and down

After two weeks of not going out properly, I did a super week. Or rather tried to… Sunday to Friday I went out and approached 10, 10, 5 ,5, 16, 11 women. Numbers were fat and juicy, but my game was off.

This week was the worst so far when it comes to performance. My vibe and attitude were really shit most days, and one reason is lack of sleep. After Monday’s adventure with Redhead, I slept only four hours. After this, I kept getting four or five hours a night almost all week. I need to tape some cardboard and black plastic over my window, otherwise this will never change. The sun rises super early in summer in these parts.

I also had a bit of success hangover from Monday. I didn’t really need to use much skill, so part of my brain kept telling me I’m a fake. A lot of weird shit comes up in this sport. I can’t decide to never have these feelings come up, but I can decide to keep practicing. There’s a lot of different forms of pain involved in daygame, more for some people and less for others. The truth is, I have a shitload of this stuff. But I’m fine with that. I don’t care.

The answer is very simple, but hard to accept. You can either keep going and try to learn how to handle these feelings, or you can not do any of this. If I took option number two, I couldn’t learn daygame. I want to learn daygame.

Anyway, this weekend I took two days off. Tomorrow I’ll hit the streets and do 10. Perhaps I shall keep a rhythm of 3*10 or 4*10. This streak of six days, 57 approaches, was a bit too much.

I also went on another date. I took the girl back to my place. We kissed and touched a little.

The name of the “Dates” variable is now “First dates”, because that’s what I actually mean by it. For example, the date I went on this week doesn’t count towards that variable. The reason is that the step from daygame approach and texting TO going on a date, is the one that requires the finest art and the most exact science, and thus is the more interesting variable.


Stats, 13.5.2018:

Approaches: 156
Instant dates: 3
Contact info: 32
First dates: 2
Lays: 1


2 thoughts on “Up… and down

  1. Bravo fellow day gamer!
    This is inspirational stuff. Keep writing and sharing your experiences – I will definitely be following your updates.
    I am from the UK (Leeds) and have been day gaming since 2016. I am coming to Helsinki in August for a few days and would love to join you for a day gaming session if you are up for it.


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