Knocked out for a while

The blog’s been quiet for over ten days. You thought I’d quit daygame, didn’t you?

I’m travelling for work a lot. This week almost every day. In the weekend I was incapacitated for three days by a stomach bug. And I went hiking with J and acquired some wood for a furniture project. So I’m behind on few things and still feel a little slowed down by the illness.

But last Thursday I found time to go out.

Headed out at 7 pm or so. On a bus stop near my apartment I talked to a strawberry blonde with red pants. She came to the bus stop just to smoke and wait for her boyfriend. They were in the middle of some argument. I took her number. In case they can’t sort out their issues, you know. Gonna text her today.

Then I went after an artsy/hippy looking girl. I ran up beside her, touched her arm and said hi, and then, instead of stopping, sort of circled around until I stood right in front of her. God damn I love this move. I learned it from Tom Torero. No idea if he invented it.

This girl was my type: into theater, a little lost in life. Red lipstick. I think her eyes were brown and turquoise in concentric circles. Pretty cool. We went for tea. After, I hugged her and lifted her off the ground. She loved it. Since texting fucking sucks, I’m thinking of calling her today. That’s not normal but why not try. We’ll see.


Next, a little bit of introspection. Skip if you don’t care.

After Saturday I’m looking to go out regularly again. There’s even room in my calendar for a 10-10 challenge, another thing I heard from Tom Torero. It means going out for ten days in a row, talking to ten girls each day. We’ll see.

So not many new adventures this time. I read some pickup theory and watched a bunch of videos when I was sick. They made me think, perhaps I’m still trying to hide my true intentions. Chit-chatting about unstimulating topics. Instead I could call her a funny name or compare her to some cute animal. When I was young I sometimes looked a girl in the eye, mentioned something about her and said, I think that’s fucking sexy. What happened to that spirit??

It seems to be hidden under bad habits that don’t serve the purpose. This daygame project has shaved away some of the unnecessary bullshit from my behavior. Like laughing or smiling when I don’t really feel that way. Or trying to touch the girl in an awkward way just to make a point of touching her, when instead that could be postponed to a time when it’s more mutually pleasant.

I think I’m starting to see shapes in the horizon. Huge entities, unstoppable and completely oblivious to the needs of men. One of these shapes seems to be an understanding of a generalized version of a young woman’s experience of being approached and taken to bed. Another thing seems to tell me to focus on playing with sexual tension, instead of trying to “get to know the girl”.

But yeah. These are very, very vague ideas. They may just as well be hallucinations. It’s possible that my brain has made them up to protect my ego. The mechanism would be this: “Ok, I haven’t gotten laid from daygame yet… but look at this really deep idea that I have! I understand women!!”

The combination of an excessively technical and introspective brain, and the desire to conquer and explore, can be a bitch. Fortunately, other men have gone before me, and they say: adjust the variables that are in your control. They also say: the variable that most correlates with your chance of getting better at game (approaching women and taking them to bed), in the beginning of learning, is the number or women approached, or to be more specific, density of approaching (if you approach 100 women in two years, that’s probably not teaching you a lot. Approaching 100 women in a month will teach you a lot). This is not my thought, but I’ll take their word for it.

What’s funny is this… the numbers look so simple. Any man without a disability or a job that takes him away for months at a time can say: I will go out three times a week, and approach 10 women each time!!

Any man can find three blocks of time in his week to do that.

Any man can learn two or three different openers, so he won’t have to be fucking paralyzed with terror. You think this is a joke? Ask all your male friends, could you approach ten attractive women in the street? Most will say “yeeeeeaah sure I cooooould….. but you knooow, that’s not really my thing you know……. I think it should just haaappen…..” Take the ones who say yes and go out in the street with them… now watch them squirm.

When the time comes, a man will find it unusually difficult to tie his shoelaces and open his front door. It’s so hard, that even if he gets his shoes on, he may suddenly remember he had this extremely important email to send. Or maybe he has to pick up something from the store, right now, because later there won’t be time.

So the variable is easy to understand… but harder to execute.

A war-cry loud as Heimdal’s horn
Fills the vibrating air
This is the place where heroes are born
And where death is always near

Here it comes the mighty storm
Every man attacks
Now is when heroes are born
There is no turning back

(Amon Amarth, An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm. Fate of the Norns, Metal Blade Records, 2004)


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