Phone number chaos

Saturday evening.

The daygame is done for this week. I approached 31 women and got 10 phone numbers. I went on two instant dates, and made fatal mistakes on both 😀

So that approaching shit is starting to run smoothly. Going up to them is not so hard anymore. I get in the reps when I decide to. My situational and verbal maneuvering is improving.

Now I have a pile of numbers that I’m texting, and it’s just as confusing as when I started approaching. I have about 9 girls I’m on texting terms with now. This is where it gets really interesting… I don’t think a single one of them is going to come out on a date with me. Two of them maybe, the rest very unlikely.

I expected this phase, but I didn’t realize how stressful it would be. I’m a lot more tired from the texting than from the approaching. Hell, approaching is a walk in the park (hahahaa) compared to initiating a conversation over text.

Why? It’s a little hard to explain. These weakly interested girls, they take forever to reply, and I’m not yet able to see what they are thinking and feeling on the other end. Sometimes I can of course. But often not. Face to face it’s a lot easier to influence the other person.

So the real job now is NOT to learn “text game” to turn around these maybe-numbers, or any crap like that. It is to see how the individual girls are responding over text, compare it to what happened in the initial interaction, and start correcting based on that. So not unlike correcting one’s behaviors when approaching, based on previous interactions. Only the indicators are probably more subtle, and the timespan for receiving the feedback is longer.

Tomorrow I go hiking in Finnish nature. Then I’m going to Turku for a couple of days.

Stats, 21.4.2018:
Approaches 85
Contact info 18
Replies 9


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