Phone number chaos

Saturday evening.

The daygame is done for this week. I approached 31 women and got 10 phone numbers. I went on two instant dates, and made fatal mistakes on both 😀

So that approaching shit is starting to run smoothly. Going up to them is not so hard anymore. I get in the reps when I decide to. My situational and verbal maneuvering is improving.

Now I have a pile of numbers that I’m texting, and it’s just as confusing as when I started approaching. I have about 9 girls I’m on texting terms with now. This is where it gets really interesting… I don’t think a single one of them is going to come out on a date with me. Two of them maybe, the rest very unlikely.

I expected this phase, but I didn’t realize how stressful it would be. I’m a lot more tired from the texting than from the approaching. Hell, approaching is a walk in the park (hahahaa) compared to initiating a conversation over text.

Why? It’s a little hard to explain. These weakly interested girls, they take forever to reply, and I’m not yet able to see what they are thinking and feeling on the other end. Sometimes I can of course. But often not. Face to face it’s a lot easier to influence the other person.

So the real job now is NOT to learn “text game” to turn around these maybe-numbers, or any crap like that. It is to see how the individual girls are responding over text, compare it to what happened in the initial interaction, and start correcting based on that. So not unlike correcting one’s behaviors when approaching, based on previous interactions. Only the indicators are probably more subtle, and the timespan for receiving the feedback is longer.

Tomorrow I go hiking in Finnish nature. Then I’m going to Turku for a couple of days.

Stats, 21.4.2018:
Approaches 85
Contact info 18
Replies 9

Stormy start for the second week!

Today’s stats:
Approaches 13
Contact info 6

Thursday evening as I’m writing this. It’s been an interesting week, daygamewise.

On Monday I went out again. Still feeling the weight of all the daygame I did last week, I gave myself permission to go “just for a stroll” once again.

After one really crappy approach, I went to the Senate Square and tried to take a selfie with the ominous sky. That didn’t go very well… but on the very top of the cathedral stairs, I caught a glimpse of some smooth, fair skin and blood red lipstick. I went up the stairs and pretended to take a selfie with the square while inching closer to get a more accurate assessment of her attractivity. She looked good.

I went up, said she looked really nice and introduced myself. She was Vietnamese. Instantly after my approach she seemed a bit startled, though it turned out she had been observing me taking selfies. We hit it off quickly and shared a weird sense of humor. I was flirting like a motherfucker with this girl, and she liked it. This part of my brain often turns on with foreign girls, but very rarely with Finnish women. I’ve watched a lot of pickup videos, which are all in English 😀

We got up and walked around the seaside for about an hour. We got along well, but I made a mistake at the end. I asked her if she wanted to come over and watch a horror movie. We had talked about horror movies earlier, so it was relevant… but very inappropriate. Taking a girl home on the same day is definitely possible (I’ve heard from the big boys), but this was not the right situation for that.

I managed to revive the atmosphere somehow, we walked for another ten minutes, and exchanged numbers. It was all quite flirty and warm, but I had a bad feeling about it.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I texted her and a couple of other girls. A really hot young blonde I approached on Saturday agreed to go for a drink… and then cancelled. Another blond I just bluntly asked out without warming her up first. That scared her. Then I texted the Vietnamese girl. She hadn’t saved my number, she didn’t get my joke, she didn’t remember a thing I referred to… the texting went dry and I didn’t ask her out.


Today I went out again. The messy texting had left a bad taste in my mouth, but after not going out for two days I felt energized. After allowing myself to “just go for a stroll” for many sessions now, this time I decided I will not go home before I have approached ten women.

The first five or six approaches I was tense and pessimistic. I missed a great opportunity to tease, and beat myself up for that. But I just kept going; got to get in those ten. That’s the variable I can affect. After six or so I relaxed. I stopped with all the ridiculous explaining, just let my eyelids drop a little and said: “Hey. You look good, so I came to say hi.” I still didn’t have anything clever to say, but I allowed myself to babble on about small things.

I ended approaching 13 women and collecting five phone numbers. I’m not very good yet at assessing their solidity (meaning, is she interested enough to actually come out and meet). Maybe they are all going to disappear. But the interactions lacked a feeling of forcedness and trying. So we’ll see.


A funny thing happened. Something I’ve been a little concerned about… one girl said I’d approached her before. I almost remembered.

Stats, 19.4.2018:
Approaches 69
Contact info 14
Replies 6

Week 1

First week’s behind. I found myself going out every single day I had time. It turned out to be five days properly, and on Sunday I went out only for a stroll.

On the proper days (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat) I approached about ten women per session. The beginning is hard. Most girls say they have a boyfriend or that they are in a hurry. When you know it’s a common excuse, presented because you weren’t good enough, it can hurt. Daygame is, as much as a way to meet hot girls, an exercise in understanding and dealing with these emotions. Pretty cool that you can learn several different things in one exercise, no?


On Sunday noon I went to the hardware store and an outlet for camping equipment. I was excited about getting a new camping stove. The traditional ones that work on liquid fuel are my favorite, and I was going to buy myself a brand new one. I love this stuff and I haven’t gone camping in a looong time.

There was a sale happening this weekend in a major department store, so there was an abundance of hot girls out. I didn’t put pressure on myself to approach, I focused on doing my errands. Maybe one day I will switch my training program to something like this: you must approach every time you see a hot girl, unless there is a very good reason not to… but that’s for the future. So much to do in this city. I’m excited.

After buying my stuff and returning home, I felt a pull to go back outside. I was delightfully surprised: the feeling was so pure it came before word or thought. A completely untainted part of me, bubbling up from somewhere within. As such, it was also immune to any categorization or judgement. Just a desire to go out and mingle with the girls.

The week was weighing on me though. I was tired of approaching and dealing with the situations. But I decided to go outside again, just for a stroll. No pressure. I ended up approaching six or seven women and had perhaps the most promising interaction so far after moving to Helsinki. She laughed a LOT.

The previous days I had been painfully boring in my conversations, so on Sunday I decided that if I’m going to approach (which was optional, since I was just… out for a walk 😉 ), I shall say something a bit controversial. Tease them. Tell them it’s not gonna happen between us. Ask them if they have a hangover. That does not come naturally to me with strangers. So that’s what I’ll be working on from now on.

Stats 15.4.2018
Approaches 54
Contact info 6
Replies 3

First session

Written on the 9th of April, 2018, after first outing.

On the 9th or April:
Approaches 11
Numbers 1

Last week I moved to Helsinki. The first few days were spent arranging the apartment morning till night. I pushed aside any thoughts of daygame until… Sunday evening everything was in working order. Kitchen, laundry, bathroom, dumbbells, an empty spot on the floor for yoga. With all systems functional, I decided that Monday, after work, would be a good time to go out and approach ten women.

Odin blessed me with exquisite spring weather: sun and 11 degrees centigrade.

On my way home from work, my monkey brain was running in cirlces.
“What are you going to say to them?”
“What if you can’t get any results?”
“Maybe it would be better to stay in and order some more furniture.”
“Your vibe is too dry. You have nothing to bring to the table.”

There is only one challenge at a time. At that moment, it was not to get a girl into my bed. It was simply to go out and approach 10 hot women. Hot hot hot 😊

Magic exists. When you think you have nothing to say to them… if you just commit to putting in your work, things start to flow. There’s a reason I call it magic: you can’t explain it. Maybe in theory you could. But practically no.

You just start working on the problem, and a solution will be created. That’s magic.


Mini field report.

I walked down a small stretch of pedestrian street. It was quiet and bright, plenty of people. Seemed like everyone was watching me. I was five or six approaches into the session, so I was on a nice roll and didn’t care so much. A girl was walking in front of me. I eyed her for a while, ran up to her and circled around to face her.

I told her she had a cute backpack, so I decided to say hi. Not the most sexual opener, but I laid it on thick with my eyes. We chatted about this and that for a while, but there was a loud speaker nearby, shouting some commercial announcements. So I decided to move her.

I felt that if I take her hand and try to move her, that will scare her, since I just circled in front of her and stared her down. At the same time, there was an urge in my brain to do a dominant move. I had already done enough, but my ego got the best of me. I tried to take her hand, and she recoiled.

I stepped back and said, let’s move over here. She followed. I explained I only tried to touch her because I wanted us to go over here, since the speaker was so loud.

After this we kept chatting, but her arms were crossed. I kept talking from a respectful distance. She was reserved. I kept talking. And talking. Several minutes of this can be a long time with someone you don’t know… fortunately we had some things in common… until she finally uncrossed her arms and relaxed a little.

I asked her if she wants to get a coffee or tea some evening. She said why not, and we exchanged numbers.

I have no idea if it’s solid or not, but I was happy with how I maneuvered the situation after making a mistake.


I shall begin my stats from 0. I did some daygame in Turku in January and February, but it was rather sporadic.

Stats 9.4.2018
Approaches 11
Numbers 1

How insane?

This project is a little bit unusual. So how insane am I?

Up until I was 30 years old or so I never thought about my finances long term. I survived. Went on a few adventures. I saved money for some months, and spent it exploring the world. I never got reckless: I always made sure I was okay, that I wouldn’t need to borrow money to survive. Never even close to it.

Then I slowly started becoming aware that it’s actually possible to invest money, even if you aren’t well educated in this sort of thing. To build up some wealth for later in life. To make it grow.

That’s not what this article is about. This is daygame blog and I’m going to talk about what I’m sacrificing for daygame.

We have massive sleeping potential. I would like to tell you that you can just sit and meditate and it will all start to bloom, that you will become superhuman. But I don’t believe that. Sure that can happen to one person in a thousand. You hear their story on youtube and feel like everything’s going to be okay.

But it’s more likely that you are one of the 999 who sat and meditated and squeezed really hard to manifest a more beautiful consciousness, and nothing happened. For a week you felt you had found something new, a key that you’ve been looking for, something that will remove that weird feeling of meaninglessness. Then it’s back to the same.

But if you HAVE TO do something, your potential will suddenly mobilize. You won’t feel it happen, you’ll be too caught up in taking action. But later you will think about it, and you will realize: wow, I actually did it. I was doing that thing that I always wanted to be able to do. Potential moves fast. It’s like a river blasting through a wadi after a rainstorm.

I made a pretty big financial sacrifice for daygame. Let me explain:

– In my previous hometown of Turku, I paid 325 €/month for a nice two-room apartment. That is a fantastic price and the location was good.
– In Helsinki, I will pay 795 €/month. The apartment is good. How big is the difference?

795 € – 325 € = 470 €

I will pay 470 €/month to practice daygame. To do something that’s practically free. Daygame is not the only reason I’m moving… but a strong one.

After all is said and done, I am more than happy to pay. I love women, I feel a bottomless curiosity towards them and I’m grateful I live in a time and place where I CAN do this. There’s many places in the world where you would be ostracized for something like this, even physically harmed.

However, the 470 €/month does sting me. Perhaps this sting will spur me into action with greater diligence. A mad sacrifice to be sure, but if it’s never done, how can I ever know?

This may or may not resonate with you. I started martial arts once upon a time, because not knowing what I’m capable of was unbearable. Not just in a negative sense. It was a curiosity that became urgent, burning. Some people don’t feel this. I don’t even care whether it’s “good” or “bad” to have this need. It’s just the cards in my hand. Maybe you have different cards. There are men with nothing like this whom I respect deeply. Sometimes I think it would be easier… but it’s pointless. I can never be like that. So I pay my 470 €/month.

There you go. If you were dealt the cards of burning curiosity, I hope that inspires you.


But my sacrifice goes deeper than that.

– I am 32 years old and after moving, I have practically no wealth at all, with the exception of about 2600 € in some conservative investments.
– My income will be 2600 €/month + about 100 € for some extra things like travelling. I pay 15% tax, so 2700*0,85 = 2295 €, about 2300 €
– Monthly expenses: about 700 €

After spending most of my adult life fucking around financially, I have come to believe that it would be very stupid not to start investing right now. So how much can I save up?

In Helsinki, doing daygame:
2300 € – about 800 € rent – 700 € expenses = 800 €

In my previous hometown, with very limited daygame capacity:
2300 € – about 330 € rent – 700 € expenses = 1270 €

Life is full of surprises. So, it’s best to deduct another 150 €/month. Maybe I want to start a hobby or take a trip. Maybe I rescue a crippled raven.

Helsinki daygame: 650 €
Small town no game: 1120 €

I’m a slow learner, so for the experiment’s sake, let’s put a three-year horizon on this daygame project.

Helsinki daygame: 3 years * 12 months * 650 € = 23 400 €
Small town no game: 3 years * 12 months * 1120 € = 40 320 €

Total price for not manning up, settling down and getting married like a normal person: 40 320 € – 23 400 € = 16 920 €

Ugh… nice.

When you add insult upon injury, in Finnish we call it “twisting the knife in the wound”. To add a final twist, 40 000 € could be used as downpayment for a state-guaranteed, high interest protected mortgage for a very nice apartment anywhere in Finland. Then I could pay my own mortgage instead of someone else’s… maybe rent out a room and make exxxtra cash $$$…

Not only the cards that we are dealt, but our actions in the past. Here I am and this is what I will do now. Maybe I’ll meet some nice girls.